* If you are looking to start running over the summer set yourself a small and achievable goal such as the 2 mile Hethersett Run the Square on Sunday 8th July.

* Create a training plan building up to your goal. This will allow the body to slowly adapt to the new stress it is being put under. It will also help prevent injuries and help you mentally achieve bigger distances.

* Prior to a run get a good nights sleep, have a small breakfast 2 hours before your run (a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and a little fat) to fuel your body. And slowly warm up to start blood flowing to the muscles to prevent injury.

* During your run keep at a steady pace – When first running maintain a steady pace and effort, this will allow you to complete the run and not burn out too soon.

* After your run – Cool down to allow your blood pressure and heart rate to slow down to help avoid dizziness and fainting. Cooling down will also give your muscles a chance to extend back to their optimal position.

* Recovery Fuel – Eating a balance of carbohydrates and proteins after a run is a great way of replacing the nutrients and energy *used during exercise whilst also helping with muscle repair. Preferably eat within 30 minutes of finishing your run.

* Hydration – Keeping hydrated is essential to performance and recovery and will help prevent some side effects of exercise such as headaches, cramps and fatigue.

*Have Fun – We all know that having fun makes everything so much easier. Finding a running buddy or joining a group can help keep you motivated as well as make training more enjoyable. This one is down to you………

For more information or support with starting your running programme get in touch by emailing me, or calling 07411 347341 Or join me on a Wednesday afternoon for my Fit Hub Classes at Rowan House.