In my view it is so important to look after yourself and those around you both at home and in the workplace. Showing some care and empathy can create a much better atmosphere between colleagues and also help the workforce feel appreciated, and may increase productivity, and perhaps keep absenteeism to a minimum.

In the therapy industry this is possibly slightly easier, as therapists can offer to swap treatments with each other, perhaps monthly for example. This is something I have always tried to encourage in the salons and centres I have worked in over the past 25 years.

Many employers now offer the facility of bringing a therapist into the workplace on a monthly basis to offer employees the opportunity to sample massage treatments and mindfulness meditation etc.

The workplace can be a highly charged, stressful melting pot at times, full of differing personalities, so it is helpful if we could all be more aware as individuals of the way we are feeling, and also have awareness of others. It is so very important to open communication perhaps with a colleague who seems particularly stressed or unhappy, or if you are feeling that way yourself, don’t bottle things up, go and talk to someone about your fears and worries and anxieties.

If you notice a colleague is struggling, perhaps offer them that few minutes over a cup of coffee to just STOP and take stock. Things often look very different after stepping out of a situation. One is able to look at things in a more rational way perhaps.

It’s so important to look after yourself and look out for others. It helps the workplace and life in general to run more smoothly.

Don’t forget, the classroom is also a workplace, as are all colleges, universities and places of learning which can be a hub of stress and anxiety. We should perhaps be incorporating meditation and mindfulness into the school curriculum from nursery level upwards. Perhaps we could start with the teaching staff and progress to the children and their parents. There are schools across the US and now in the UK who are including meditation in their day resulting in a drop in truancy rates, increased focus in the classroom and improvement in behaviour. [One police force in the US uses meditation for officers before they go out on patrol to help them deal with situations in a calmer, more rational manner].

In fact our local junior school has been using mindfulness techniques with the children who are sitting their SATS tests to help calm any anxieties the children may be experiencing.

I feel we really do need to change our ways of thinking – meditation has been used for 1000’s of years to create positive thinking and positive attitudes. There is more and more scientific evidence available proving that meditation and mindfulness techniques do change the way the brain works in a positive way, and there is of course an abundance of anecdotal evidence too. Just come along to one of the sessions held at Rowan House Centre and ask the participants there.

Mindfulness and meditation can help you become very much more aware of how you actually feel, and can give you techniques to help calm you in stressful situations and help you have awareness of others. It opens your eyes to the bigger picture and if you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation it can help bring your mind back to a more rational way of seeing said situation. Helping you to stop and act, but not react.

Our Mindfulness and Meditation session can help give you the ability to STOP and step out of a situation, enabling you to see things in a more rational way when you step back in.

It can bring up emotions and feelings we perhaps suppress and this can allow us to let these feelings release.

Can give clarity of mind in order to allow space for good ideas and see answers to problems that were may be clouding the mind. Meditation can allow you to give yourself permission to relax physically and mentally.

With practice it helps you become more compassionate and loving towards yourself and others.

Our sessions here at Rowan House Centre have no agenda, they are simply available to help with you well-being.